Welcome to the Working Plummer Terrier Network

The Working Plummer Terrier Network brings together a community of plummer terrier owners and enthusiasts of the breed from across the country and beyond.  On the following pages you will find information about plummer terriers, their unique history, news, articles and events with information on the latest plummer terrier shows. There are links to a network of plummer terrier kennels and owners throughout the UK, all of whose primary concern is in the breed for the reasons that it was originally developed by the late Dr David Brian Plummer - working!


The Working Plummer Terrier Network welcomes owners and enthusiasts of ALL plummer terriers, both the "pure" and including more recent new blooded dogs overseen in a breeding programme by Dr D B Plummer himself in 1998 as this was considered a very important move for the welbeing of the breed in the future to try and improve the likelihood of any faults and provide more genetic diversity within the breed..

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